The field of pain management has made tremendous progress in the recent years. Today, with proper care, many patients could obtain substantial amount of pain relief for an extended period of time.

This improvement may help restore patients' quality and function of life -- whether this be enjoying life again, sharing time with family, returning to work, or simply going through daily routine without the worry of having pain. For some conditions, after the correct diagnosis and treatment, patients may even be able to defer or avoid surgeries altogether.

At Advanced Solutions Pain Management, our pain physicians have trained with the latest and the most advanced techniques from the leading pain institutions of this country. They are all board certified and are experienced in both medical and interventional aspects of pain management. They have expertise in all pain conditions ranging from the most common disorders, such as disease of the spine, to the rare and difficult to treat conditions which include trigeminal neuralgia, chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS or RSD), and some cancer-related pain.

Even though many patients may have similar pain conditions, each patient will be assessed individually and comprehensively. The optimal treatment will then be tailored specifically to each patient's need.

At Advanced Solutions Pain Management, we also believe that medicine is a constantly evolving field. In addition to the common pain treatment modalities, we have also integrated acupuncture and other traditional Chinese medicine into our practice. We believe that modern medical science and traditional Chinese healing methods can work synergistically resulting in far superior outcomes.

In addition, we also realized the importance of other factors in determining a positive office visit experience. You will find us in a newly renovated office installed with state of the art equipments. Our clinic is streamlined with modern computerized medical record systems which shortens the waiting time while improving quality of care and reducing medical errors. The office has easy accessibility to public transportation and from major highways with ample parking.

Whether you are a referring physician or a patient, you will find your experience here a pleasant one -- competent physicians with excellent communication skills and bedside manners, great treatment results, friendly staff, short waiting period, and easy accessibility.

Advanced Solutions Pain Management is honored to be considered a leader in the field of pain management. Together, we strive to find the "Advanced Solutions" in pain management and help restore your quality of life again.

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